Scuba diving

It’s time to experience the dizzying experience of scuba diving that will definitely change the way that you see the world and the image of yourself.

Ride bikes on the scenic Marathópolis

We provide free bicycles to enjoy a hassle-free ride to the harbor and the picturesque streets of Marathopolis


Enjoy your hobby into a magical environment.


The Lagouvardos is a unique beach of incomparable beauty, which attracts visitors for quiet moments in the blue waters and especially for offering water sports. From October to April, Lagouvardos is ideal for board surfing, and wind surfing.

Hiking in Isle Proti

The island Proti offers beautiful hiking trails of various levels. You can enjoy a simple walk, admiring the beauty of the island, or harder to follow paths that lead to unique locations on the island. Visitors can admire the magnificent views, the flora and fauna of the island and visit historical sites and monuments.


Sea Yachting


Hiking to the Old Castle "Palaiokastro"

Hiking to the waterfalls of Neda

The hiking in Neda is one of the most exciting experiences can have nature-lover. The river offers a huge variety of images, which are constantly changing as it follows the meander of its path through the steep slopes of the mountains and Minthi Tetrazion.